Tattoos for Yogis – Yoga Tattoos

Tattoos for Yogis – Yoga Tattoos

For all you Yogis or those who would just like a beautiful new tattoo, a mandala is the perfect one for you.

Although tattoo trends are always changing, tattooing itself is nothing new. Tattooing dates back to as early as 3250BC.  Ötzi the mummy was found in the Alps in Austria and is believed to have died around that time. He had 61 tattoos, all of which depicted simple patterns. Ötzi’s tattoos were thought to have been from a form of pain relief. Ouch!

The word tattoo is believed to have originated from the Samoan word ‘Ta Tau’ meaning appropriate, balanced and fitting. Male tattoos had a different name, Pe’a. In Samoa the women were also tattooed, although, it wasn’t as ritualized as the men’s were. They held tattooing ceremonies for young male chiefs at the time of puberty as part of their ascendance to leadership.  To them, the tattoo’s meaning was the permanent endurance and dedication to their cultural traditions.

In later days, and in other parts of the world, tattoos were for protection against danger and harm, also, to bring luck. In the Philippines tattooing was a form of rank and accomplishments.  Some also believed that tattoos had magical qualities.

Looking into the more spiritual side of tattooing, the mandala is the most renowned. And so it should be. Its circular shape and balancing visual elements can have so many different meanings. It is used throughout many religions including Buddhism, Judaism, Paganism and Christianity. It has its own individual meanings within each religion.

The mandala (circle) represents the universe in Buddhism and Hindu, as well as unity and harmony. Buddhists use it as a spiritual tool. They are very hypnotic and are used in meditation. You can fall into the mandala and let your creative hemisphere of the mind run free. There are few people that can really get lost in the concentric structure and become one with the universe. It brings out intuitive thoughts and even profound inner transformations.

A mandala can also symbolise a journey, life events as well as wholeness. The circular shape reminds us that life is never-ending. You can incorporate almost anything to make it more meaningful and personal. A few examples could be a special date, the sun, an animal or a flower.


Another beautiful incorporation to the mandala is the lotus flower. The flower symbolises harmony and purity. It rises above its muddy, watery surroundings and blooms into a very pretty, fragrant flower. Many Hindu gods have been depicted in art sitting on a lotus flower or holding it because of its purity.

To add a flower or even petals to a mandala symbolises femininity, fertility and the blossoming of ideas or a new chapter.

For all you yogi’s, religious, those into spiritualism, and those who would just like a beautiful tattoo, a mandala, with its visually pleasing balanced elements, is the perfect tattoo for you.