The Meaning Behind A Tattoo

The Meaning Behind A Tattoo

Tattoos can be beautiful, but to many, they have significant meaning as well as being a piece of art.  A good tattoo artist is a good storyteller because they can take your hopes, dreams and memories and turn them into a visual keepsake you can carry forever. A picture is worth a thousand words, a tattoo can be worth even more.

We asked one of our wonderful customers; Nicoletta, the meaning of her new foot pieces, by resident artist Lara.

“All of my tattoos are either related to my passions, fears, love or anything that’s deeply rooted in my personality.”

The compass and lantern, along with ‘Going Ahead’ represent a strong desire but also the nightmare of losing sight of the life goal. This is a reminder for Nicoletta to continue moving towards her goal and staying focused through good times and bad. It’s an inspiring piece!

Along with the tattoo meaning, Nicoletta specifically chose Lara to design this and tattoo her.

“We met during one of the dark times in my life, and Lara suddenly became an example to me, of an independent woman who fought to gain her position. She’s also become a mentor who has guided me through the very first steps of making my way to my dream coming true”.

Nicoletta also tells us that as the feet are the last part of your body that you dress in the morning, she always leaves the house remembering that the future is at the end of the path and it’s waiting to be taken with determination, and the help of someone next to her that believed in her from day one.

Whether it is in memory of someone, a reminder to yourself or even just something you love without reason, we are here to help turn those ideas into a beautiful tattoo.

We love to hear about the meanings behind designs made here at Parlour, every single one is unique and made with purpose. They show individual elements of personality.