Tattoo Gift Cards

Gift Cards for Parlour Tattoo Studio are available now.

We’ve listened to our clients and we’re pleased to announce that our gift cards are finally available! Pop in store to purchase or via our online payment system below;

Getting a new tattoo

A new tattoo can raise your self-esteem and make you feel amazing. If you’re inked then you’ll know the feeling of having something new on your body that you just can’t stop looking at it, you show your friends and the piece becomes part of who you are.  If you know someone that is thinking of getting a tattoo then you can give them that feeling! A gift card is the perfect present, and one that will last forever.


Our artists are very versatile and work with each client to realise their vision and create the perfect tattoo. Their works can be found here


Do it in style

Parlour Tattoo Studio is located in Shoreditch, the creative hub of East London. Our studio was created as an alternative to the traditional tattoo experience. When a tattoo is done by an awesome artist, who listens to you, in a comfortable environment, then the ouchyness of the tattoo is so much more bearable – it’s actually fun. After working in tattooing for many years our team has taken the  bits of the industry and put them into action under one roof. You can read what our clients have been saying about us here