Tattoo Artist


Being born into an artistic family means that Megan has been surrounded by art all her life. She experimented with art of all kinds from an early age, but it wasn’t until she discovered tattooing that she discovered her passion. The most important aspect for Megan is to make every piece as special as possible, no matter how small or simple.



She says; “I try my very best to see the whole process as a truly unique experience that brings people joy and let them express who they really are. Nothing makes me happier than my clients’ smiles and the feeling that I’ve been trusted with something so meaningful.”

Megan graduated with a master’s degree in Cognitive Science and believes that everyone has a story to tell and that everyone deserved to be heard. Her experiences with mental health have played a big part in her life and have given her a positive outlook on life. She meets each person with kindness and compassion because you never know what a person may be going through behind closed doors.

Megan has made it her mission to help people with their struggles by using tattoos as a form of expression and release. To this end, Megan offers a free semicolon tattoo with every booking. The semicolon is used when a sentence could have ended but didn’t. The tattoo represents those who have overcome suicide or addiction, where their story could have ended but didn’t.

More info here: ‘Semicolon Project’