Tattoo Artist


Distancing himself from the one-size-fits-all tattooing approach, Jezz prefers to see every tattoo as the result of a sincere collaboration with his customer so the piece is totally exclusive to them and them only. That’s why every piece is designed once and tattooed once. I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise to hear Jezz believes all art should convey deeper truths and invite profound culture and meaning. Which is why he looks to painters such as Salvador Dali, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Shepard Fairey, to feel inspired.



Jezz’s main love in life is black and grey tattoo art drenched with spiritual symbolism. He’s spent years perfecting his unique fusion of realism, sacred geometry, mandalas and dot work to create a style instantly recognisable as his. Jezz turns to trusty Mother Nature to find designs and structures for his tattoo work. Studying sacred shapes, (such as his favourite, The Flower of Life), has allowed him to access a deeper understanding of the laws of the universe and other mind boggling matters. Jezz’ mantra of perfect form, proportion and harmony, is incorporated within every tattoo he creates in varying ratios. Clever stuff eh?!


In his spare time, you can find him painting walls or rummaging in vinyl shops.