Fiona has been drawing for most of her life.


Her obsession started when she was very young, the artist would always be found with either paint brush or pencil in her hand. She even started taking drawing lessons at 5 years old!


Fiona would rarely watch TV as a kid, preferring books or comics on the rare occasions that she wasn’t drawing. After graduating from art school in Paris she applied to an illustrative and Graphic Design school to apply her love of illustration to the Press and Book industry.


After a one year placement in Cornwall as part of her course, Fiona fell in love with England. She received her Masters in graphics and embarked on a successful career in Paris, working crazy hours for paper and web advertisement. Feeling unrewarded in her industry the artist knew it was time for a change. She quit everything, spent a few months working on a flash portfolio and moved to London!


She has not looked back since and tattooing has grown into her passion. Fiona adores taking client’s ideas and turning them into illustrations that they will keep for the rest of their lives. Her warm and caring demeanour makes everyone she is tattooed by feel comfortable and content. A total perfectionist, Fiona will draw and redraw a design until she feels it’s ready. Her favourite subject matter to draw and tattoo is nature related, she often works from reference photography of flowers and animals that she has taken whilst on holiday.