Tattoo Artists



Fiona has been drawing for most of her life.

Her obsession started when she was very young, she would always be found with a paint-brush or pencil in hand. She even started taking drawing lessons at 5 years old!



For Lara, sourcing inspiration is as important as the tattoo design itself. That’s why she dedicates a huge amount of time to searching for that little something special that sparks a light bulb in her head. Allowing an initial idea to manifest into beautiful tattoo art is what makes Lara tick.



Jezz’s main love in life is black and grey tattoo art, drenched with spiritual symbolism. He’s spent years perfecting his unique fusion of realism, sacred geometry, mandalas and dot work, to create a style instantly recognisable as his.



Tim is an illustrator and a well-known, veteran graffiti artist. He has made his move from street painting to the studio. His aerosol roots show through in his work and bold black lines are present in every piece he creates.



Nicoletta is an incredible artist with a meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the tattoo process. She believes that the experience of being tattooed is as important as the final artwork, (and we agree!). She is friendly and has a magical air, which never fails to help her clients relax!