Tattoo Artists



Natasha has always been creative. She started a career in photography and whilst she enjoyed it, she felt that something was missing. As she travelled Natasha realised that she was doodling on everything and this obsession lead her to explore the world of tattooing.



Nicoletta is an incredible artist with a meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the tattoo process. She believes that the experience of being tattooed is as important as the final artwork, (and we agree!). She is friendly and has a magical air, which never fails to help her clients relax!




Megan has been surrounded by art all her life.

She experimented with art of all kinds from an early age, but it wasn’t until she discovered tattooing that she discovered her passion. The most important aspect for Megan is to make every piece as special as possible, no matter how small or simple.



Jezz’s main love in life is black and grey tattoo art, drenched with spiritual symbolism. He’s spent years perfecting his unique fusion of realism, sacred geometry, mandalas and dot work, to create a style instantly recognisable as his.