About This Project

Lara spent most of her youth studying fine art in her hometown of Bergamo, (close to Milan for those of you scratching your head), before turning her attentions to tattooing. Nearly five years later, she’s developed her signature style, taking traditional 1940’s American tattoos and injecting them with a little modern interpretation. What you’re left with is something altogether pretty awesome.

Lara sees sourcing inspiration as important as the actual tattoo design process.  That’s why she spends a hella lot of time searching for that something that makes a little light bulb go off in her head. Allowing an initial idea manifest into beautiful tattoo art is what makes Lara tick. That’s why her favourite kind of client is someone that gives her a starting point and allows her the artistic freedom to run with it. She detests the cookie cutter approach and is always striving for originality.

Tattooing and drawing absorbs most of Lara’s time but when she does have time off she’s usually helping out at her boyfriend’s doggy day care business. If you check out Lara’s Instagram, not only will you be find a beautiful collection of tattoo work, you’ll also find a beautiful collection of canine chums. As you can probably guess, dogs make their way into a lot of her tattoo designs too.