Tarot Card Tattoos

Tarot Card Tattoos

It’s amazing hearing the reasons why people get tattoos and just where their initial inspiration came from. We chatted to one of our customers about why he chose this particular tattoo…

So what inspired you to get this tattoo?

“I went to a gig in Austin Texas to see my favourite musician for my birthday last year and they were selling tarot cards at the venue. This one was my favourite and I thought it would be quite fun to get it tattooed. It doesn’t having any meaning behind it but it will remind me of the concert experience for sure.”

And tell me about your other tattoos, do you tend to get meaningful ones or do you usually just pick something you really like?

“I wouldn’t say any of them represent anything as such but they remind of things in my life, however they don’t have any deeper meaning to them. They’re all just nice little reminders of things.”

When did you get your first tattoo and do you think you’ll get anymore or is this your last one?

“About 4-5 years ago and yes i’ll probably get more but I don’t think i’ll go for a full sleeve or anything. It’s quite addictive actually, you get a little rush after each tattoo.

Initial sketch of the design.

Design printed on skin with ink.

Final tattoo design.

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