Each tattoo that we make is an individual work of art, which makes it difficult to provide a price before we have carefully discussed your ideas with you. After this process, we will be able to present you with a final price range for your artwork. We will ask you for as much information as possible in order to best understand what you have in mind for your tattoo. Factors such as the complexity of the design, the size and placement on the body will all go into determining the price. You can use the following as a rough guide to how much a tattoo may cost;


Minimum charge:

Resident Artists; £100
Apprentices; £60

Small simple tattoo designs start from £60.

For pieces that take less than 3 hours, a set price will be given. Anything that takes 3 hours or more will be charged at the hourly rate


Hourly rate:


Our hourly rate for all artists is £100. Tattoos on flat parts of the body, the forearm or thigh for example, are generally quicker to tattoo than uneven areas such as the neck or torso.

Day rate:

£500 – £700

This cost is for larger work and on-going pieces, typically chest and back pieces, full arm or leg sleeves etc