What to Clean With



• Dissolve 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon of non-iodized (iodine-free) sea salt

into 200ml of warm distilled or bottled water.

• A mild, fragrance-free liquid soap—preferably antibacterial


How to Clean Your Piercing


• Always wash your hands well before you clean or touch your piercing!

• Saline soak for five minutes once or twice a day. Seal a cup

of warm saline solution over the area. For some piercings, it will

be easier to use paper towels soaked in saline

solution. Rinse with warm water after you salt soak.

• Clean the area with an antibacterial liquid soap.

• Gently dry with clean, disposable paper products.  Avoid using a towel or fabric as it could contain bacteria or snag the jewellery.


Piercings heal quickest when they are kept clean and are undisturbed


Most piercings heal within 6 – 8 weeks. Whilst healing, body piercings need to be cleaned once or twice per day, every day. It is important that you don’t clean more often, as this can irritate your piercing, and can delay the healing process.

Before cleaning your piercing, wash your hands with antibacterial soap and hot water. Rinse or soak the area with warm water and be sure to remove any dirt using a high-quality paper towel. We don’t recommend the use of cotton buds as the fibres of the buds can wrap around your piercing. Do not rotate the jewellery unnecessarily (the more your piercing moves around the longer it will take to heal).

Repeat the cleaning process daily until the piercing heals and remember that each body is unique and healing times may vary.


Ways to help your piercing heal faster:


Change your pillowcase every two days, always wash your hands before cleaning the piercing and keep your hair out of the way as much as possible. Stay healthy, get enough sleep and eat a nutritious diet. Exercise during healing is fine; listen to your body.

Take showers, not baths because baths can harbour germs. If you do take a bath, clean it first, and rinse off your piercing when you get out.

Unless there is a problem with the size or material of your initial jewellery, leave it in for the whole healing period.