Matching Tattoos

Matching Tattoos

Tattoos can be a way of telling stories of your life so far, or parts of it. If you have shared a special moment or time with someone and want to mark the occasion, it just makes sense to get something together right?!

Matching tattoos aren’t only for couples; and it doesn’t have to be the same design. We have seen some lovely work from our artists over the past couple of months, including a bunch of wild flowers for a bunch of three friends, each with slight differences to make them unique (see @barbaranobody).  A few other friends came to us for matching Daisies (below by @larasimonetta_tattooer) and crescent moons.








If you’re in love, what a way to show it! A tattoo is [meant to be] forever, so getting a tattoo with someone really proves you’re in it for the long run. Below we have matching roses (@barbaranobody) and tiny mandala skulls (by @jezzink). These seen separately don’t look like they’re the classic ‘couple’ tattoo, no one would ever know it’s a matching tattoo, but you and your partner.








Tattoos are a wonderful way to remember a person, time or pet… How cute are these matching dog tattoos (below) a brother and sister got for their Cockapoo!

Whatever ideas you have, we are here to help you bring them together into a beautiful and unique design. Just visit out booking page, and we’ll get you booked in with the appropriate artist.