Graffiti Tattoo

Graffiti Tattoo

We recently received the opportunity to collaborate alongside Graffiti Life on a promotional project for our shop. We are proud to announce that it was our talented artist Lara’s work which was showcased on one of Shoreditch’s most promiscuous walls. We spoke to Lara in depth about her exciting journey into tattoo art and exactly where the inspiration for her designs developed from. It’s not every day that we meet and work with an artist who is so fascinated by the detail of tattoo design, so we had to delve a little deeper to find out more! 

What inspired you to create this design, is it already on someones body?

Yes it’s on someones body and it was designed a couple of years ago when I was sketching. It was in spring and I was living in a nice apartment with massive windows with a big desk where I would always do my designs and sketches. I had a really nice view of lots of trees and flowers and it just came together through various drawings.

Why did you pick this design in particular to display on the wall?

At the moment so many people are getting flower tattoos, it’s really popular. So much so that one of the photos I posted on Instagram of a tattoo I did recently got a really high number of likes so we thought that picking something that was trending would be the best means of promotion. It’s also a really great representation of my style so anyone who sees the design that wants to come in for a tattoo can expect that style from me.

How long have you been a tattoo artist for?

For around seven years, I was studying fashion design in Milan and whilst realising that the fashion industry wasn’t right for me after some work experience, I went to several tattoo conventions with my boyfriend and I was so amazed by everything there. I just knew I wanted to try it from that point forwards.

How would you describe the theme of your designs?

I like to do very traditional and classic designs however they are all very girly. I can do very small intricate ones however it’s not really my thing.

How long does it usually take you to design your pieces?

It depends really on whether the design is big or small and whether I like the design or not. Sometimes I have to draw something that doesn’t really match with my usual style which is when I’ll take more time to get it done right. However if I like the design and idea it can be as fast as 20-30 minutes to design.

Are you comfortable working outside of your style?

Yeah I’m happy to work on other things however the only thing I’m not doing is geometric designs, mandalas or portraits but that’s why our whole team all work on different themes and designs.  

Where are you from?

I’m from a very small village around an hours drive from Milan called

It’s a really beautiful place but it’s very small, it’s full of mountains and lakes and is amazing in the summer but it was too small for me to stay there, thats why I left and moved to London.

How does it feel having a design you have created on a wall in Shoreditch?

Its amazing, the other day I walked past and felt like I was going to cry! It was just honestly amazing to see! I’m really happy.

We also spoke to Sophie, Graffiti Lifes artist on the process of this particular piece of work and the challenges she faced…

Sophie, did you find this piece challenging?

“Yes, I did find this one more challenging as it’s not the sort of thing I would usually paint nor the type of thing I would like to paint either, however, It’s really beneficial and good practice to paint pieces that are outside of usual style.”

 If you’d like to read more about artistic Sophie’s process then head over to Graffiti Life