Flower Tattoo

Flower Tattoo

Tattoo’s can represent beautiful parts of our lives, experiences we’ve had or moments of adversity. Sometimes we ink our skin to remind ourselves of times we never want to forget, or times we will always remember because they helped shape us into who we are.

Charlotte, our most recent customer tell us why she chose this particular design and what inspired her to do so.

So what inspired you to get this tattoo?

“So I’ve wanted a tattoo since I was about 16 and I’ve been following a lot of tattoo artists on Instagram for inspiration. Whilst I was researching into what I might want I found a lot of flowers that had really nice meanings, things that I relate to.”

Is there a specific meaning behind the tattoo?

“Yeah so i’ve got thyme and lavender which represent strength, resilience and overcoming adversity. Then I wanted to add an actual flower so I chose a daisy which I just thought was really pretty.”

And is this your first tattoo, are you feeling nervous?

“Yeah its my first one and yeah a little bit because i’ve wanted it for so long and i’m just really excited. It’s also exciting because this tattoo really means something to me.”

Do you think when people ask the meaning behind your tattoo that you’ll be happy to share it?

“Yeah absolutely, I think it’s really important with tattoos to be open about why you had it done, especially if it has a significant meaning.”

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