A Tribute to…

A Tribute to…

Firstly, I cannot believe it’s May already! We have had such a wonderful 7 months thank you to all of our lovely customers to have been keeping us busy.

Since the passing of many loved celebrities, there have been some pretty awesome tributes made to them. There are of course the portraits, and we’ve seen some incredible ones from Mark Reed including Gene Wilder from ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’, as well as Robin Williams in ‘Flubber’.


Mark Reed (instagram @markreedtattoos) will be guesting with us once a month so if you’re after something realistic, get in touch.

For those paying tribute to David Bowie without going for a portrait; how perfect is a lightning bolt? Any David Bowie fan would recognise that bolt across his face from the ‘Aladdin Sane’ album. The hands (see below) are his hands from the album cover ‘Heroes’, along with the red & blue colours from the ‘Rebel Rebel’ cover. Or how about a black 5 point star?

Celebrites aside we’ve seen many other personal tribute tattoo’s. From a grandaughter to her grandfather; his signature in his own writing. From a daughter to her mother; a quote and a drawing from a birthday card.

So whatever or whoever your thinking of getting, let us help you transform these ideas to ink.


David Bowie’s hands and lightening bolt by resident artist Lara.