Parlour is a London based Custom Tattoo Studio that offers a unique, luxury, ‘boutique’ experience.

The studio is predominantly built upon two things; amazing artwork and positive customer journey. Whether you are considering your first tattoo, you’re heavily inked, or anything in between, we will work with you to ensure you get informed reasoned advice; resulting in the best artwork for you.


We understand that ‘another day at the office’ for us is actually a massively important day for each client; this is why we treat each person with the utmost care and attention. Getting a tattoo is a big decision and with our guidance we will ensure that you leave Parlour with artwork you can be proud of. When you visit Parlour you will encounter a team that puts the client first. We are open, honest and ethical, providing impartial, straightforward advice to help you and the design process.



Gift Cards for Parlour Tattoo Studio are available now.


We’ve listened to our clients and we’re pleased to announce that our gift cards are now available! Pop in store to purchase or via online here

Our Studio is situated in the heart of East London, on Curtain Road, just minutes from Liverpool Street, Shoreditch High Street and Old Street stations. If you’re from London or visiting us from out of town, our aim is to make you as comfortable as possible. Our state of the art facility is spotlessly clean, modern and houses some of the UK’s finest artists, with guest appearances from global talent.

What is a Custom Tattoo Studio?


Parlour is a Custom tattoo studio which means that every tattoo that we create is unique. Many tattoo shops have ‘flash’ sheets, where you can pick out a design. Whilst some of these designs are great, many customers choose the same design and end up with the same tattoo.


We believe in individuality and will work with you so that you can be confident that nobody else on the planet is sporting the same tattoo design.  Each one of Parlour’s tattoo artists takes great pride in designing unique and original tattoos for our clients, encapsulating your ideas and spanning a vast array of artistic styles and genres.

Getting your first Tattoo?


Getting your first tattoo is a big deal. Whether you’re going for something small or you’re jumping in at the deep end and getting a large piece, if it’s your first you’re going to have questions. Dealing with first timers is nothing new for us and if you want to ask anything we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions here and we recommend that you give them a read through before your appointment.

Resident Tattoo Artists


Parlour has an awesome roster of in house tattoo artists, that we’re proud to call family, some have a specific style, others are versatile and can turn their hand to many different tattoo styles. Whether it’s black and grey, realistic, Japanese or traditional we can match you with the right artist for your tattoo. Take a look at our Artists page for more details on our team. Parlour also hosts awesome talent from across the globe; make sure you follow our social networks to keep up to date with the amazing artists that will be guesting with us.



Fiona’s drawing obsession started when she was very young, the artist would always be found with either paint brush or pencil in her hand. She even started taking drawing lessons at 5 years old!



Tim is an illustrator and well known, veteran graffiti artist who has made his move from street painting to the studio. His aerosol roots show through in his work and bold black lines are present in every piece he creates.




Jezz’s main love in life is black and grey tattoo art drenched with spiritual symbolism. He’s spent years perfecting his unique, instantly recognisable style.




Lara’s developed her signature style, taking traditional 1940’s American tattoos and injecting them with a little modern interpretation.