Barbara is unique, her fun nature and warm energy is infectious. She brings this energy to her tattooing and sees each piece that she makes as a collaboration between her and her client. Tattoos that allow her skills and her client’s ideas to flow together as one make her smile the most!


Barbara has no time for boredom, she’s always busy doing something creative whether shes working or playing. Now tattooing for over five years Barbara strives to develop her own style with every tattoo that she makes. Shes a creative machine, consuming cartoons, contemporary art and oriental imagery, which shapes and influences her unique style.


Barbara has a knack of making clients feel at ease, and if you speak Spanish you’ll find a home away from home with Barcelona’s finest export. London has captured her heart and she says that she is inspired by the city every day; by the parks, the art galleries and even the tube! In her spare time Barbara dances, as well as doing acrobatic hula-hoop dancing, she reads voraciously and she makes music. I mean honestly, she never stops!